200+ Truss Systems

Access Validated Engineering Data of Truss Systems from 30 European and American brands.

Nationally Compliant

Enable localized calculations by a simple selection of designated country.

Safer Temporary Structures

Enables Rental Companies and Event Professionals Ensure Safety and Compliance with Engineering Codes and Standards.
24x7 Access; Anywhere, at Any Time in most Modern Browsers.

Detailed Reports

All reports hold detailed references to specific sections of the EN standards along structured list of every single parameter.

Adapt swiftly to changed conditions

It has never been easier to verify changes on-site - Easily check the sufficiency of ballast, or the load capacity of your lighting truss' when you change your light plot on site, responding to last-minute customer changes.

Intuitive Interface

Every calculation has been thoroughly designed to keep inputs at a minimum.

Don't waste time browsing standards and enjoy the automated reference lookups. Get things done quick and efficiently

Tested & Validated

ECAs utilizes a range of calculation procedures matched for the specific task at hand, delivering fully referenced results, which either match or deviate less than ±1.5%, when compared with calculations performed with other FEA-systems.