Notice regarding Open Source Software

This software contains Open Source software that has been released by programmers under specific licensing requirements such as the „General Public License“ (GPL) Version 2 or 3, the „Lesser General Public License“ (LGPL), the „Apache License“, the "MIT License" or similar licenses.

For detailed information on the Open Source software, the copyright and the respective licensing requirements, please refer to the licenses of each Open Source module appended below this notice.

To the extent that any accompanying material such as instruction manuals, handbooks etc. contain copyright notices, conditions of use or licensing requirements that contradict any applicable Open Source license, these conditions are inapplicable.

The use and distribution of any Open Source software contained in the product is exclusively governed by the respective Open Source license.

Where the applicable license entitles you to the source code of such software and/or other additional data, you may obtain it for a period of three years, and, if required by the license conditions, for as long as this software is supported.

Options for obtaining the source code:

  1. You may obtain the most recent version of the source for free by downloading the below mentioned Open source modules
  2. You may obtain any version of the source code that has been distributed as part of this software for the cost of direct-shipping and the cost of reproduction of a physical copy by sending a request directly to: support (AT)
    The source code will be distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and licensed under the same license as the corresponding binary/object code
 Open Source SoftwareLicense
  Bootstrap MIT License
  Bootstrap icons MIT License
  Crypto-js MIT License
  dawa-autocomplete2 MIT License
  Dropbox JS SDK MIT License
  Katex MIT License
  Leaflet BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License
  math.js Apache 2.0 License
  mpdf GNU General Public License v2.0
  OneDrive API MIT License
  PHPMailerGNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
  Proj4Leaflet BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License
  prop4js MIT License
  Turfjs MIT License